The advantages of owning your own property at a glance

The advantages of owning your own property at a glance

Properties in sought-after locations have a proven history of stable performance over the years. The constantly growing demand for residential space is having a positive impact on the value of real estate.
Real estate is a proven hedge against inflation, as its values and rental income typically increase with inflation. It thus offers investors an effective way to protect their assets against depreciation.
Real estate offers investors tax advantages through depreciation and the deductibility of costs such as interest and renovations. These incentives make real estate a popular choice for investors seeking long-term returns and tax advantages.
Real estate is considered to be a comparatively low-risk form of investment due to its long-term stability and potential capital appreciation. Its physical nature and constant demand make it a reliable investment with lower market volatility compared to other investments (such as equities).
Real estate is a popular choice for long-term investments as it offers stable returns and potential appreciation over an extended period of time. The long-term demand for residential and commercial real estate makes it a reliable investment option for investors seeking long-term growth.
Investments in high-quality real estate can pay off in the long term. By selecting properties in good locations and with solid structures, investors can achieve stable rental income and long-term capital appreciation. Quality is therefore a decisive factor in the long-term success of real estate investments.

Always worth investing!

Central location
Free first-time letting
Ready for occupancy by mid-2024
Fitted kitchen included (for 1-room apartments)
Return of up to 4% possible
Gradual depreciation possible
High quality standard
Reliable developer
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Completion of 1st construction phase: summer 2024

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